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Josh Gonzalez-Beban

Josh is a familiar face at 5 Star School for Music. He started out as a student ten years ago — and, over the years, he proved he had the “right stuff” to become a teacher. Josh specializes in teaching guitar, bass and drums. He brings a great personality and gentle presence to the school. Plus, as a teacher from a younger generation, he rounds out the teaching staff at 5 Star School for Music — a school known for offering teachers for every style of student, leading to a perfect fit.

Because Josh is a younger teacher, one who participated in 5 Star School for Music workshops, high school hard-rock bands and even his own performance bands, he’s perfect for students looking for someone versed in today’s younger and “edgier” music. (He currently studies modern music recording and sound engineering at college.)

Josh, who possesses a strong comprehension and command of music fundamentals and technique, is gifted in teaching the 5 Star Program of instructional materials to beginners and younger students. Josh says, “With respect to music, proper technique is important. Great technique learned through the right teacher leads to much faster, and easier, growth as a musician.”

Regarding Josh’s favorite aspect about teaching, he enjoys sharing his passion for music. He knows exactly what it feels like to be a student, and a beginner, and so he knows exactly how to teach such students with the quickest results in the most comfortable and relaxed environment possible.

“I love teaching here because the school believes that music style is subjective, an individual experience and personal taste… and we never judge students on the music they like.”

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