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Karen Ruth

About Teacher Karen Ruth:

I Specialize in one on one private lessons for voice, guitar, bass, and ukulele.

A teacher’s dedication to each and every student is one of the most precious gifts found at any school. That’s why I feel it’s so important to provide all of my students with a long-lasting commitment to their personal and musical growth at 5 Star School for Music. My own background is ideally suited for a relaxing and successful instructional environment.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from a teaching school in Massachusetts, where an important part of my curriculum included music. I’ve also been playing the guitar since I was 12. I studied vocals in high school and college. I was involved in a great deal of individual and group singing, as well as singing in a duo while in college and performing before different denominations at numerous churches.

What’s unique about the singing lessons I teach at 5 Star School for Music is that I focus on modern music rather than the classical music taught at other schools.   Also in addition to voice coaching I also teach guitar so it gives my students the opportunity to combine guitar and voice lessons if they want to.

Our award-winning teaching approach here at 5 Star School for Music provides an integrated exploration of music for all students, especially those students who haven’t found their own unique musical outlet. We expose students to various instruments, such as guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele. Our highly unusual method gets great results. We often hear from parents and students that the 5 Star Music Method is fun and friendly — and it works well for new students who are “green” and not sure where to start.

In our opinion, the best learning environment should be relaxed comfortable, yet structured with gentle guidance that allows students to grow at their own pace — all while steering students in the right direction on their musical journey.

Karen is now offering her lessons on line as she has relocated outside of the bay area.  She still teaches using the 5 Star teaching method, but now through Skype or Facetime.  On line teaching is still very interactive and no hassles or stress with traffic.  Just enjoy your lesson from the comfort of your home.   Without the drive time it can also be easier to fit lessons into a busy schedule. 

We are currently offering a free 30 minute trial  to see if on line lessons work for you!

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