Music Lessons for Kids

"Mamma I wanna Jam!"

Music lessons for kids: it’s a great idea and you can’t start too early. 


For parents considering getting their children into music lessons, the questions can be overwhelming:

  • What age should they start?
  • What instrument should they play?
  • How do we find an instructor for our child?



The best time to enroll your child in a music program is when they’re interested.  From my experience as an instructor I’ve been successful working with students as young as four years old.  


Picking an Instrument

Selecting an instrument that you want your child to play is one of the biggest mistakes parents make when starting children on music lessons.  It’s very frustrating and de-motivating to play an instrument that you’re not attracted to.  For a child who’s serious about their study, this could cause resentment that could linger for a long time.  I have many adult students who would attest to this. 

Instead, ask your child what they would like to play. Usually the child will be attracted to an instrument that reflects the style of music that they listen to.


Little People have Big “Feelings”

Include, listen, and respect your child in the decision-making process.  Remember, just because your child is a small person doesn’t mean that they don’t have big feelings.  


A Nice Gift to Give Your Child

Parents who support their children’s musical endeavors are providing the opportunity for creativity, self-expression, and achievement. This could be one of the best gifts you could give your child.  For many students the study of music is a lifetime friend.  This is why it’s so important to acknowledge your child’s feelings when choosing an instrument.


Dos and Don’ts for parents

One of the biggest Dos and Don’ts for parents is to threaten to discontinue their child’s lessons because their child is not producing the results that meet the parent’s standards.


Don’t forget this is your child’s experience.  It’s healthy for a child to have a hobby that’s theirs.  Like adults, children need an outlet too!  The pace in the bay area is stressful and demanding and is felt by children also.  Sometimes the best gift you can give your child is the space and the opportunity to experience music at their own rate and interpretation.


A parent’s support is always the key element in the child’s experience and success with their music study.  Parental attitude, support and involvement are important factors in a child’s ability to successfully learn to play and enjoy music.


Benefits of learning music:        

  • Boost brain power 
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Goal setting
  • Self-expression
  • Coordination
  • Memory skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Fun



Your child’s music study also offers opportunities for shared family experiences, such as:

Family music participation

Attending musical events

Performing for, and with, family and friends