Equipment and Rentals One Stop Shopping at 5 Star School for Music

Before You Buy Anything

Leverage our experience to help you select instruments

and accessories that best suit your needs.


Guitars, Amps and Musical Supplies

From top of the line guitars and amplifiers to tuners and music stands, it’s all here for you!  Electric and acoustic guitars sold at Five Star School for Music are Fender and Jasmine.


Benefits of One Stop Shopping

You can:

  • Take your time until you make a decision with no pressure
  • Try different instruments during your lesson to get a feel for what is comfortable, fits your body and has the sound that reflects the style of music you enjoy
  • Rent a guitar for a month while trying different guitars until you make your decision


Avoid disappointment and costly mistakes

Remember, an instrument is a tool to help you express yourself.  Sometimes people forget this when shopping for an instrument, and they put emphasis on looks rather than on purchasing something functional.

To best serve you, we have set up our business to help you make the best purchase for your needs and to avoid costly mistakes.   When shopping for a guitar, it’s important to make sure you purchase an instrument that fits you and that you’ll be happy with in the long term.


Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Music

Purchase Gift Certificates for Music Lessons & More!

Giving a friend or loved one a gift certificate, Five Star method books/CDs, lessons, or equipment is a great way to share the joy of music. Gift certificates make the perfect present, for any holiday/Christmas stocking stuffers, birthdays, or just a random surprise.


Guitar Rentals

Highest rental value at the cheapest rate

When starting your study of music it is very important to have a functional instrument, one that works with you instead of against you.  All rental instruments are set-up to play easily, stay in tune, and are well maintained. 

The rental fee for an electric guitar and amp is $40.00 per month.     This includes a gig bag, guitar stand, guitar cord, and strap.