Workshops Playing With Others is What Music Is All About

Rhythm, Improvising and Performance Workshops


Playing With Others Is What Music Is All About

All instruments are welcome: guitar, bass, vocals, percussion, keyboards, horns, etc.


What Are Student Workshops?

The rhythm and improvising workshops provide a relaxed environment for a small group (5-7 people) of students to enhance their performance skills, techniques, and talents. The workshops also act as a springboard for performance workshops for those interested in advancing to the next level. Performance workshops employ the same concept as rhythm and improvising workshops, but the final outcome is to perform in front of an audience.

The workshops are based on the Five Star course material, and give students an opportunity to interact in a band environment. This powerful experience will dramatically accelerate the learning process, and result in an increased focus on the lesson material.


How Do The Workshops Work?

There are several interlocking components in the structure of a song. These include rhythm, melody, and improvisation. Because of this, beginning and intermediate players can participate in the same workshop. Beginning level players can focus on rhythm parts and intermediate level players can focus on melody and improvisation. A typical workshop includes about 8 songs arranged for the group.


Benefits of Workshops

  • Teaches integration and teamwork
  • Enhances problem solving, coordination, and memory skills
  • Provides a forum to develop timing, feel, and consistency
  • Creates work goals
  • Builds self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Fun!

To ensure successful workshops, all songs are

  • Charted and covered during lessons before the workshops
  • Available on the Play-Along CDs