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5 Star Method Instructional Materials
Boost Your Rhythm And Improvisation Skills!

With Five Star Music's play-along method for guitar and bass
These books sum up years of developing, organizing, and fine tuning thousands of lessons into booklet form clearly charted out in tablature and standard music notation. The play-along CD's are the result of twenty-five years of teaching and recording experience.

How does the Five Star Music play-along method work?

The Five Star play-along method provides recorded accompaniment to the written lessons. All songs are recorded exactly as they appear in the books. The program is designed to develop timing, rhythm, feel, and consistency by emulation. The method also promotes improvising by providing a full rhythm section (guitar, bass, and drums) to solo over. The play-along method is like having a band in your own home.

Products support beginner to intermediate levels for rhythm development, and can be used at all levels of musicianship for lead development.

Benefits from Five Star's play-along method:

  • Accelerates the learning process
  • Enables aspiring musicians to practice with confidence
  • Creates a fun environment for learning
  • Supplies ideas for jam sessions and song writing
  • Builds self-esteem

To ensure high-quality lessons and encourage long-term play:

  • Music was professionally recorded and mixed at Suspect Studios
  • Reference pitches are given on the CDs
  • Each rhythm is repeated for two or three minutes allowing the soloist time to build ideas and stretch out
  • Suggested scales are given for improvising

For rhythm development:

  • Play the rhythms with the CD to develop timing, feel and consistency

All of our 5 Star Method products have been refined by feedback from hundreds of students before being marketed.

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