Meet Teacher Josh, our dedicated piano instructor at 5 Star School for Music, who has been an integral part of our school for over a decade. According to Teacher Josh, “The best time to enroll your child in a music program is when they’re interested. From my experience as an instructor, I’ve been successful working with students as young as four years old.

Josh specializes in teaching both Pop and Classical piano music. He expresses his passion for teaching at 5 Star School for Music, saying, ‘I love teaching here because the school believes that music style is subjective—an individual experience and personal taste. We never judge students on the music they like.

Bringing a warm personality and gentle presence to 5 Star School for Music, Josh reflects on his own beginnings in music, saying, “I remember what it was like when I first started taking music classes. So, I keep that in mind when teaching beginners. Students at any level can have their ups and downs, and I do my best to support them in their growth.”

Known for his patience with children, Josh is widely popular among his students. He emphasizes the piano as the master layout of music, likening studying music to math. Josh loves teaching and sharing all the benefits that learning piano has to offer, including boosting brain power, enhancing problem-solving skills, improving coordination, and building self-esteem. Most importantly, he believes music is all about having funn.

  “Teacher Josh also encourages his students to explore a variety of instruments, including guitar, drums, ukulele, and bass guitar. This approach allows students to discover the instrument that truly resonates with them and has received positive feedback from parents. One parent expressed, “My daughter loves coming to her lessons because it’s like a musical amusement park, and she enjoys playing the piano, drums, and other instruments.”

In order to get started, for the best piano lessons in Sunnyvale, please contact us via phone at (408) 737-1888 or email markssg@5starmusic.com to schedule your first lesson.  Please include a contact phone number.  View our website: https://5starmusic.com/ .

Piano teacher Josh assisting student.

                                                                 Josh is a compassionate piano teacher.