Guitar teacher Mark Wilson.

Guitar teacher and 5 Star School for Music founder Mark Wilson, a consumat pro and nice guy who work with students of all ages. 

Guitar World Magazine Says: 

“5 Star gets four stars for creating such a fine book for the fledgling soloist”

There are three primary benefits the student can expect to gain from 5 Star School’s for Music Blues Rhythms for Guitar and Bass study.  First, by playing the rhythms along with the audio, the student can begin to develop the timing, feel and consistency which are essential to all forms of music.

Second, the audio provides a controlled “blues environment” within which the student can begin to develop the skills required of a soloist and accompanist.

Third, the booklet and audio format of Blues Rhythms for Guitar and Bass provides the student unlimited opportunity to practice with ensembles – the dedicated student can therefore expect to make rapid progress.

Blues rhythms were chosen for this instructional set because the blues is one of the most popular and basic musical forms over which to solo and is arguable the best place to begin to develop a “feel” for improvising and creating your own bass lines.   5 Star’s School for Music’s Blues Rhythms for Guitar and bass contains fourteen rhythms, each twelve bars long –the traditional blues pattern length.

If you need that extra boost of inspiration to get more out of your practicing, or to get more practicing out of you, 5 Star School for Music will help put you back on track.

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